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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “In depression care … we are increasingly calling for the use of standardized instruments and repeated measures.”
    ~ Alan Gelenberg

  • "I think one of the challenges we deal with is how to handle patients who don’t have a high enough blood pressure to get all the evidence-based therapies we want them on. In many patients with MI, at least in the early phase, blood pressure is tenuous."

    James de Lemos, MD

  • I wrote … that the pen, and namely the prescription pad, may be mightier than the stent. I’ve gotten quite a reaction from that, being an interventional cardiologist.
    -Spencer King, MD

  • "We know that celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease, and we know that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is not considered an autoimmune disease… In order to obtain a diagnosis of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, celiac disease and a wheat allergy would both need to be ruled out."

    Melinda Dennis

  • “I am greatly concerned that, instead of supplementing what we learn at the bedside, we’re replacing it with modern imaging technology.”
    ~ John Michael Criley, MD