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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “There is no question that these drugs have a major role to play in therapy. In every clinical trial over the past 50 years, where they have been used as monotherapy or in combination with other therapies they not only effectively lowered blood pressure, but morbidity and mortality were reduced not just from stroke, but from heart failure, progression of kidney disease, and coronary disease.”
    ~ Marvin Moser, MD

  • “There is controversy over whether patients with chronic hypertension who have compensated concentric ventricular hypertrophy ever evolve into more dilated HF.”
    ~ David Kass, MD

  • “…many of our clinicians get caught up in the diagnosis of coronary disease... I strongly believe that this is not the purpose of the ED evaluation.”
    -Michael Farkouh, MD, MSc

  • “I have to say my view of CRT is that it probably does make the heart better. Therefore the assumption that sicker patients are going die of progressive heart failure rather than from an arrhythmia can be overcome by having a CRT device in the patient who has significant dyssynchrony or wide QRS.”
    ~ Barry Massie, MD

  • “The data is pretty convincing that adding an aldosterone blocker on top of standard therapy is effective and an important strategy.”
    ~ Bertram Pitt, MD