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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "These trials have enrolled more than 50,000 patients, so we have a great foundation of information not only about AF but also about the drugs."
    ~Ken Mahaffey

  • “The data is pretty convincing that adding an aldosterone blocker on top of standard therapy is effective and an important strategy.”
    ~ Bertram Pitt, MD

  • “…this is an exciting new frontier for hypertension research and management. Masked hypertension is not just not a curiosity.”
    ~ Robert Phillips, MD

  • “Patients with MetS and high triglycerides are the most likely to develop diabetes in the relatively near future. All patients with MetS, especially those with high triglycerides, need to be treated aggressively with TLCs and adjunctive drug therapies of proven benefit.”
    ~ Charles Hennekens

  • "...we all agree that one of our strong recommendations from this particular discussion is going to be that every institution should have a protocol for the basic framework of applying these treatments for ACS."

    Christopher B. Granger, MD