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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “It could be tremendous for prevention in children. After being followed, maybe they will come back to have fewer drug problems, smoking issues.”
    ~ James Dalen

  • “Most of the time we’re talking about an absolute difference in diabetes incidence within these trials of a couple percent.”
    ~ Bill Cushman, MD

  • “All the registry data indicate that the ICD is extremely effective in not only treating fast VT or VF, but also in preventing sudden cardiac death.”
    ~ Mark Estes, MD

  • "Hypertension continues to be a major contributor of cardiovascular events, and there is sufficient evidence to indicate that adequate blood pressure (BP) control is associated with marked reductions in the risk of not only target organ damage but also cardiovascular events such as stroke, myocardial infarction, and chronic renal failure."

    Carlos M. Ferrario, MD

  • “Various studies have shown that [with complementary and alternative therapies] the patient’s satisfaction is markedly increased, and there is a shortening of the length of the hospital stay.”
    ~ Gulshan Sethi, MD