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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “Reversing obesity prevalence in the United States to that of a decade ago has been estimated to save US adults 111,206 total knee replacements."
    ~ Gary Williams, MD

  • “... only about 10% of the patients in RALES were on a beta blocker, but those who were ... seemed to have just as good, if not a better, result from spironolactone."
    ~ Bertram Pitt, MD

  • "If you look at the curve of the decrease in mortality from heart disease for the past 50 years in this country, there is a steady downtrend. But when we break up the data … it indicated that women did not benefit until the last decade."
    Ezra A. Amsterdam, MD

  • “Another critical step in the selection of patients is the assessment of aortic valve anatomy of the vascular accesses, and the presence of comorbidities. The main cause of mortality within the first year after TAVR are the comorbidities.”
    ~ Gian Paolo Ussia, MD

  • Although the two drugs lowered central pulse pressure in the brachial artery to the same degree, nebivolol lowered central pulse pressure more than atenolol.
    -John Cockcroft, MD