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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “The Lyon Mediterranean Diet Study had a 70% reduction in cardiac events—a benefit that exceeded that of most drug trials.”
    ~ Stephen Devries

  • “I think thiazides offer the advantage of an anti-calciuric effect, so that women will tend to retain calcium, which has been demonstrated to facilitate bone mineralization with older age.”
    ~ Matthew Weir, MD

  • “Patients with MetS and high triglycerides are the most likely to develop diabetes in the relatively near future. All patients with MetS, especially those with high triglycerides, need to be treated aggressively with TLCs and adjunctive drug therapies of proven benefit.”
    ~ Charles Hennekens

  • “I try to avoid the term ‘vulnerable plaque’ because it implies that we possess a crystal ball that can tell the future of a particular lesion based solely on its morphology.”
    ~ Peter Libby, MD

  • “CPX testing has been a major component of research with heart failure patients and has migrated into the clinical care of heart failure patients.”
    ~ David Whellan, MD