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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “Because of socioeconomic limitations [our patients] are not always compliant about their medicines and follow-up, so we tend to err on the side of implanting sooner.”
    -Richard Trohman, MD

  • "Most importantly, not everybody in the population with a migraine needs neuroimaging, but that depends on detailed clinical symptoms."

    Tobias Kurth

  • “If you show up in the ED and you have either an elevated troponin or an elevated adrenomedullin, your risk of death in the next two weeks is exceedingly high and you ought to get aggressive care.”
    ~ Alan Maisel, MD

  • “There is controversy over whether patients with chronic hypertension who have compensated concentric ventricular hypertrophy ever evolve into more dilated HF.”
    ~ David Kass, MD

  • "With the improved respiratory flow monitoring that we have nowadays using a pressure transducer technique, the accuracy of detecting obstructive events— particularly when we speak about apneas— really has improved."
    ~ Ana Krieger, MD, MPH