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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “Various studies have shown that [with complementary and alternative therapies] the patient’s satisfaction is markedly increased, and there is a shortening of the length of the hospital stay.”
    ~ Gulshan Sethi, MD

  • “If you look at the rates, for instance, of preloading that occur in the United States, they are quite low, even though guidelines recommend preloading with antiplatelet agents (eg, P2Y12 inhibitors) prior to PCI in ACS patients.1"

    ~ Ajay J. Kirtane, MD, SM

  • "One thing that I notice…is the lack of attention to IBS compared to Crohn’s disease and other GI disorders.…The unpredictability of IBS and its symptoms really affects the quality of life more than we give it credit for, in comparison to diseases that may have a greater impression on the doctor because they are associated with inflammation."

    Mark Pimentel

  • “There is controversy over whether patients with chronic hypertension who have compensated concentric ventricular hypertrophy ever evolve into more dilated HF.”
    ~ David Kass, MD

  • "Provided that we currently use only second- or, maybe in Europe, third-generation drug-eluting stents, I would prescribe a minimum of 6 months of DAPT, and I don’t make a strong effort to prolong DAPT over 6 months."

    ~ Antonio Colombo, MD