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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “I have to say my view of CRT is that it probably does make the heart better. Therefore the assumption that sicker patients are going die of progressive heart failure rather than from an arrhythmia can be overcome by having a CRT device in the patient who has significant dyssynchrony or wide QRS.”
    ~ Barry Massie, MD

  • "Currently there are thousands of practices and millions of patients being served by medical homes across the country, and it is incumbent upon us to understand where this model has come from, and where it is going."
    ~Asaf Bitton

  • "We now know that sleep and the sleep/wake cycle are intertwined with most of our bodily systems, so sleep problems can lead to pathologies in many different physiological systems, possibly causing acute and chronic effects."

    David Neubauer

  • "In my opinion, any patient who has had a history of episodic migraine and then has headaches on more than 15 days a month or more than half the time, should be considered for onabotulinum toxin A."

    Sheena K. Aurora

  • “CPX testing has been a major component of research with heart failure patients and has migrated into the clinical care of heart failure patients.”
    ~ David Whellan, MD