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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "[There] is a group of migraineurs who have increased frequency and some change in quality. The treatment effects are perhaps important for them…Does analgesic use drive or follow the problem?"

    Peter Goadsby

  • “There are lots of reasons to be skeptical about the results of randomized trials ... There’s at least a collection of circumstances in which when they come head-to-head, it seems that you agree that the results of randomized trials would trump prior physiologic reasoning and clinical experience.”
    ~ Gordon Guyatt

  • “I would say we probably need to define another category for severe MR, which is regurgitant volume above 100 mL, which would be a massive degree of MR.”
    -Maurice Sarano, MD

  • “There is no question that these drugs have a major role to play in therapy. In every clinical trial over the past 50 years, where they have been used as monotherapy or in combination with other therapies they not only effectively lowered blood pressure, but morbidity and mortality were reduced not just from stroke, but from heart failure, progression of kidney disease, and coronary disease.”
    ~ Marvin Moser, MD

  • "There are a lot of… small studies that have evaluated whether or not the addition of a thiazide such as metolazone to a loop diuretic augments sodium excretion and urine output."
    ~ Tien Ng, PharmD