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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “…it’s difficult for me to think that FAIR-HF proves that giving iron in any form would necessarily be beneficial.”
    -Stephen S. Gottlieb, MD

  • “I always worry that we haven’t had the patients in there long enough to finally tidy up their drugs, particularly the diuretics, to make sure they understand instructions.”
    ~ Ileana Piña, MD

  • "These trials have enrolled more than 50,000 patients, so we have a great foundation of information not only about AF but also about the drugs."
    ~Ken Mahaffey

  • “That implies that the percutaneous-inserted prosthesis implanted inside the existing native valve without excising that valve has hemodynamics after implantation that are nearly as good as a stented bioprosthetic valve replacement. That was surprising to me…”
    ~ Paul Grayburn, MD

  • “...the value of performing a Valsalva procedure cannot be underestimated when using agitated saline for the detection of a right to left shunt.”
    ~ Michael Main, MD