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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "So in someone who’s in his 70s, do you think we are where we can say that one really ought to turn to destination therapy VADs?"
    ~ James Young, MD

  • "The difference in clinical practice is that individuals may not be as stringent at monitoring, and so I think hyperkalemia gets captured potentially a lot sooner in clinical trials as opposed to in clinical practice."
    Orly Vardeny, PharmD

  • "The difference between a prevalence of disease in patients with normal results or normal testing was in the order of 15% to 20%, which really questions how much better testing is than just flipping a coin and whether it might be just as well to proceed with angiography."
    ~ Mario Garcia, MD

  • "Currently there are thousands of practices and millions of patients being served by medical homes across the country, and it is incumbent upon us to understand where this model has come from, and where it is going."
    ~Asaf Bitton

  • “I always worry that we haven’t had the patients in there long enough to finally tidy up their drugs, particularly the diuretics, to make sure they understand instructions.”
    ~ Ileana Piña, MD