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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “Alzheimer’s disease is really much more than a memory impairment, … an older adult who is having changes in their mood, their interests, their patience, their behavior, their personality; these may all herald the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease.”
    ~ James E. Galvin, MD

  • “Ezetimibe has a role for LDL cholesterol lowering when other options have been exhausted. A change in this approach will require compelling evidence from a clinical events trial.”
    ~ Robert S. Rosenson, MD

  • "Low back pain is a perfect example of how complexity based on biopsychosocial-spiritual influences can influence the severity of pain as well as suffering."

    David Rakel

  • "Investigators and clinicians alike have realized that the pragmatic approach, using the presence or absence of constipation as a symptom of IBS, may lend itself to the subsequent evaluation and management of the disorder."

    Brooks Cash

  • “I have to say my view of CRT is that it probably does make the heart better. Therefore the assumption that sicker patients are going die of progressive heart failure rather than from an arrhythmia can be overcome by having a CRT device in the patient who has significant dyssynchrony or wide QRS.”
    ~ Barry Massie, MD