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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “Various studies have shown that [with complementary and alternative therapies] the patient’s satisfaction is markedly increased, and there is a shortening of the length of the hospital stay.”
    ~ Gulshan Sethi, MD

  • "Diastolic function might also help you identify further people who have systolic impairment by providing additional information regarding the loading condition of the patient, ie, the LV [left ventricular] filling pressure. It also provides valuable prognostic information beyond EF [ejection fraction]."

    Rami Doukky, MD

  • “I always worry that we haven’t had the patients in there long enough to finally tidy up their drugs, particularly the diuretics, to make sure they understand instructions.”
    ~ Ileana Piña, MD

  • “…it’s difficult for me to think that FAIR-HF proves that giving iron in any form would necessarily be beneficial.”
    -Stephen S. Gottlieb, MD

  • "These are guidelines created to guide people in decision making, but there is latitude based on patients’ underlying medical conditions, underlying psychiatric conditions, and other issues that may come into play, and all of these things need to be considered."
    ~ John D. Fisher, MD