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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "That’s ... one way of using what appears to be an unsophisticated maneuver to gain fairly sophisticated insight into the volume status of the patients."
    ~ Douglas Schocken, MD

  • “… digoxin is even more pertinent in the context of the increasing prevalence of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.”
    ~ Michael White, MD

  • “I try to avoid the term ‘vulnerable plaque’ because it implies that we possess a crystal ball that can tell the future of a particular lesion based solely on its morphology.”
    ~ Peter Libby, MD

  • “So I think one key modification of ATP IV will be to focus on non-HDL cholesterol as a treatment target equal to that of LDL cholesterol.”
    ~ Michael Davidson, MD

  • "It seems like the biggest change in the guidelines is the addition of ticagrelor, or BRILINTA®.… a new antiplatelet therapy that has been shown to be effective in ACS. Actually, based on the PLATO trial and the current [US FDA] rulings, it’s the only antiplatelet agent that is superior to clopidogrel for reducing cardiovascular death following ACS.…"

    Carl J. Lavie, MD