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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "We are now seeing many such patients [with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction]. They’re often elderly women with many comorbid conditions, and they’re sometimes admitted with atrial fibrillation, which makes the estimation of diastolic function problematic."

    Gary Francis, MD

  • “Some tend to use sildenafil as a starting agent since there is evidence of symptomatic and functional benefit. However, this remains controversial.”
    -Patricia A. Uber, PharmD

  • Some people also have been advocating echocardiograms, but I don’t think I’ll be out of line with this audience to say that including echocardiograms is a bit on the fringe of what we’re talking about, and really the argument centers more on using the ECG as a primary screening tool.
    -Ben Levine, MD

  • “I really feel conceptually, and, I guess, philosophically, that ablation can have major favorable effects on peoples’ lives, even in addition to symptom control.”
    ~ David Callans, MD

  • "...we all agree that one of our strong recommendations from this particular discussion is going to be that every institution should have a protocol for the basic framework of applying these treatments for ACS."

    Christopher B. Granger, MD