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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "These trials have enrolled more than 50,000 patients, so we have a great foundation of information not only about AF but also about the drugs."
    ~Ken Mahaffey

  • "The key point that we found is …that interpreting the treadmill test on the basis of the ST segment alone is obsolete and should be abandoned…I think an important point we need to make to clinicians is that the most important prognostic indicator is functional capacity."
    ~ Ezra A. Amsterdam, MD

  • “We need to differentiate real life from what goes on in the clinical trials, because so often in the clinical trials patients with a history of myopathy … are excluded from the trials.”
    ~ Peter Toth, MD

  • "[There] is a group of migraineurs who have increased frequency and some change in quality. The treatment effects are perhaps important for them…Does analgesic use drive or follow the problem?"

    Peter Goadsby

  • "We know the younger the patient is with thoracic aortic disease, the more likely there is to be an underlying genetic cause for the disease. The older the patient is … the less likely they are to have genetic risk factors and the more likely they are to have chronic wear and tear on the aorta over a lifetime causing the thoracic aortic disease."
    ~Dianna Milewicz