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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “I really feel conceptually, and, I guess, philosophically, that ablation can have major favorable effects on peoples’ lives, even in addition to symptom control.”
    ~ David Callans, MD

  • "HF [heart failure] is slightly more common in women—just over half of the HF population—and they certainly have more hypertension than we ever expected."

    W. Frank Peacock, MD

  • “…it’s been bandied about that the classic risk factors account for only 50% of the risk of atherosclerotic vascular disease. … We refer to this as the ‘50% myth’ and we need to refute it.”
    ~ Ezra Amsterdam MD

  • “Because of socioeconomic limitations [our patients] are not always compliant about their medicines and follow-up, so we tend to err on the side of implanting sooner.”
    -Richard Trohman, MD

  • “The NIH State-of-the-Science Conference concluded that [antipsychotics and barbituates] have significant risks and cannot be recommended for the treatment of insomnia. So I think that’s important for clinicians to remember.”
    ~ Sonia Ancoli-Israel