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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "The difference in clinical practice is that individuals may not be as stringent at monitoring, and so I think hyperkalemia gets captured potentially a lot sooner in clinical trials as opposed to in clinical practice."
    Orly Vardeny, PharmD

  • “…patients who are device candidates are far and away most interested in receiving a device that will make them feel better rather than live longer…”
    ~ Jonathan Steinberg, MD

  • “I try to avoid the term ‘vulnerable plaque’ because it implies that we possess a crystal ball that can tell the future of a particular lesion based solely on its morphology.”
    ~ Peter Libby, MD

  • "With the improved respiratory flow monitoring that we have nowadays using a pressure transducer technique, the accuracy of detecting obstructive events— particularly when we speak about apneas— really has improved."
    ~ Ana Krieger, MD, MPH

  • "In my opinion, any patient who has had a history of episodic migraine and then has headaches on more than 15 days a month or more than half the time, should be considered for onabotulinum toxin A."

    Sheena K. Aurora