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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “I believe there are some recent data that this increase [in obesity] seems to have leveled off, but at a rate that is still very unhealthy, with two thirds of the adult population being overweight and one third being obese.”
    ~ Jerome Fleg, MD

  • “The NIH State-of-the-Science Conference concluded that [antipsychotics and barbituates] have significant risks and cannot be recommended for the treatment of insomnia. So I think that’s important for clinicians to remember.”
    ~ Sonia Ancoli-Israel

  • “There is controversy over whether patients with chronic hypertension who have compensated concentric ventricular hypertrophy ever evolve into more dilated HF.”
    ~ David Kass, MD

  • "The standard of therapy is not known, so that’s why if you select a patient who we don’t want to operate on, there is no competition there."
    ~ Saibal Kar, MD

  • “I think the field has begun to move away from looking at percent inhibition with respect to a given drug, and toward looking at the residual platelet reactivity during treatment, and how we can associate that with outcomes in patients. Certainly, there have been ample studies demonstrating that high on-treatment platelet reactivity is associated with a greater risk of subsequent cardiovascular events.1–3"

    ~ David J. Schneider, MD