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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “We have two studies, the randomized trial and the observational study that suggest that ACE inhibitors and ARBs … may not be useful, [and] may actually be harmful in patients with AR…”
    ~ Jeffrey Borer, MD

  • "HF [heart failure] is slightly more common in women—just over half of the HF population—and they certainly have more hypertension than we ever expected."

    W. Frank Peacock, MD

  • "We know the younger the patient is with thoracic aortic disease, the more likely there is to be an underlying genetic cause for the disease. The older the patient is … the less likely they are to have genetic risk factors and the more likely they are to have chronic wear and tear on the aorta over a lifetime causing the thoracic aortic disease."
    ~Dianna Milewicz

  • "Practitioners will certainly want to keep in mind that to make optimal decisions, you need systematic summaries of the best evidence."

    Gordon Guyatt

  • “I try to avoid the term ‘vulnerable plaque’ because it implies that we possess a crystal ball that can tell the future of a particular lesion based solely on its morphology.”
    ~ Peter Libby, MD