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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “… digoxin is even more pertinent in the context of the increasing prevalence of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.”
    ~ Michael White, MD

  • “We need to differentiate real life from what goes on in the clinical trials, because so often in the clinical trials patients with a history of myopathy … are excluded from the trials.”
    ~ Peter Toth, MD

  • "Over the last 2 decades, professional organizations have issued a number of screening guidelines. Initially, the AUA and ACS were very pro-screening. However, over time, they have acknowledged the fact that screening decisions are complicated, involving tradeoffs between benefits and harms, and that we need to help men make informed decisions."

    Richard Hoffman

  • “…it’s been bandied about that the classic risk factors account for only 50% of the risk of atherosclerotic vascular disease. … We refer to this as the ‘50% myth’ and we need to refute it.”
    ~ Ezra Amsterdam MD

  • “We have two studies, the randomized trial and the observational study that suggest that ACE inhibitors and ARBs … may not be useful, [and] may actually be harmful in patients with AR…”
    ~ Jeffrey Borer, MD