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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "Mitral valve repair has been the gold standard for patients with mitral regurgitation (MR) for approximately 30 years. What is the likelihood that percutaneous procedures will be able to achieve the same sort of efficacy for MR in the future?"
    ~ Michael A. Borger, MD

  • "I don’t believe that a good guideline should be hidebound by unduly restrictive ‘evidence rules’ that ignore all but a tiny fraction of the available scientific information. A good guideline must synthesize complex data in a clear and concise way and must address the kinds of questions that real doctors need answered every day."

    Joseph L. Izzo, Jr., MD

  • "Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease, not a regional disease. If one has plaques in the coronary arteries, they also have plaques in the peripheral arteries including the carotid arteries."
    ~William C. Roberts

  • “We have two studies, the randomized trial and the observational study that suggest that ACE inhibitors and ARBs … may not be useful, [and] may actually be harmful in patients with AR…”
    ~ Jeffrey Borer, MD

  • “I think thiazides offer the advantage of an anti-calciuric effect, so that women will tend to retain calcium, which has been demonstrated to facilitate bone mineralization with older age.”
    ~ Matthew Weir, MD