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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “The data is pretty convincing that adding an aldosterone blocker on top of standard therapy is effective and an important strategy.”
    ~ Bertram Pitt, MD

  • “Atrial fibrillation always looks essentially the same on the ECG, but it’s certainly not one disorder.”
    ~ James Reiffel, MD

  • "I think one of the challenges we deal with is how to handle patients who don’t have a high enough blood pressure to get all the evidence-based therapies we want them on. In many patients with MI, at least in the early phase, blood pressure is tenuous."

    James de Lemos, MD

  • "FH [familial hypercholesterolemia] is associated with an increased risk of premature CVD [cardiovascular disease], and its prevalence is increased in certain founder populations."

    ~James Underberg, MD

  • “I really feel conceptually, and, I guess, philosophically, that ablation can have major favorable effects on peoples’ lives, even in addition to symptom control.”
    ~ David Callans, MD