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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "Currently there are thousands of practices and millions of patients being served by medical homes across the country, and it is incumbent upon us to understand where this model has come from, and where it is going."
    ~Asaf Bitton

  • “If you show up in the ED and you have either an elevated troponin or an elevated adrenomedullin, your risk of death in the next two weeks is exceedingly high and you ought to get aggressive care.”
    ~ Alan Maisel, MD

  • "I think everyone knows that there are chronic risk factors such as high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, diabetes, smoking, lack of exercise, and others that contribute to coronary artery disease. We’ve only become aware recently of the issue that there are other kinds of risk factors, including what might be called acute risk factors."
    ~ Robert A. Kloner, MD, PhD

  • “There’s no question that aspirin decreases non-fatal MI in randomized trials of primary prevention and their meta-analyses, probably by about 20% … Because the number of deaths is not decreased, people assume that there’s no merit in preventing nonfatal MI. I don’t agree with that.”
    ~ James Dalen

  • “Unfortunately I think the level of understanding of the complexity of degenerative mitral valve disease, while increasing, is not at a high level among many imaging cardiologists.”
    ~ Randy Martin, MD