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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “Unfortunately I think the level of understanding of the complexity of degenerative mitral valve disease, while increasing, is not at a high level among many imaging cardiologists.”
    ~ Randy Martin, MD

  • “When you say the word fitness to people it often confuses them; they’ll think about flexibility, they’ll think about muscular strength, and they’ll of course think about how easily they get out of shape. Today we’re specifically talking about cardiorespiratory fitness, which is really your maximal aerobic capacity.”
    ~ Timothy Church

  • “So I think one key modification of ATP IV will be to focus on non-HDL cholesterol as a treatment target equal to that of LDL cholesterol.”
    ~ Michael Davidson, MD

  • “Patients with MetS and high triglycerides are the most likely to develop diabetes in the relatively near future. All patients with MetS, especially those with high triglycerides, need to be treated aggressively with TLCs and adjunctive drug therapies of proven benefit.”
    ~ Charles Hennekens

  • "FH [familial hypercholesterolemia] is associated with an increased risk of premature CVD [cardiovascular disease], and its prevalence is increased in certain founder populations."

    ~James Underberg, MD