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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “There is no question that these drugs have a major role to play in therapy. In every clinical trial over the past 50 years, where they have been used as monotherapy or in combination with other therapies they not only effectively lowered blood pressure, but morbidity and mortality were reduced not just from stroke, but from heart failure, progression of kidney disease, and coronary disease.”
    ~ Marvin Moser, MD

  • "[One of the important questions that the results of galectin-3 testing raises is ‘should we be starting aldosterone blockers immediately in the patient presenting with acute heart failure and preserved ejection fraction?’]"

    Frank Peacock, MD

  • “There is controversy over whether patients with chronic hypertension who have compensated concentric ventricular hypertrophy ever evolve into more dilated HF.”
    ~ David Kass, MD

  • “I really feel conceptually, and, I guess, philosophically, that ablation can have major favorable effects on peoples’ lives, even in addition to symptom control.”
    ~ David Callans, MD

  • “Certain activities like racquet sports, skiing, and basketball seem to be associated with a greater incidence of acute cardiovascular events. Many of these victims, especially those younger than 35, often have underlying structural cardiovascular abnormalities, most notably hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.”
    ~ Barry Franklin