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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "So in someone who’s in his 70s, do you think we are where we can say that one really ought to turn to destination therapy VADs?"
    ~ James Young, MD

  • I wrote … that the pen, and namely the prescription pad, may be mightier than the stent. I’ve gotten quite a reaction from that, being an interventional cardiologist.
    -Spencer King, MD

  • Although the two drugs lowered central pulse pressure in the brachial artery to the same degree, nebivolol lowered central pulse pressure more than atenolol.
    -John Cockcroft, MD

  • “Reversing obesity prevalence in the United States to that of a decade ago has been estimated to save US adults 111,206 total knee replacements."
    ~ Gary Williams, MD

  • “…patients who are device candidates are far and away most interested in receiving a device that will make them feel better rather than live longer…”
    ~ Jonathan Steinberg, MD