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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "That’s ... one way of using what appears to be an unsophisticated maneuver to gain fairly sophisticated insight into the volume status of the patients."
    ~ Douglas Schocken, MD

  • "Cholesteryl ester transfer protein has been an important target for the management of risk for cardiovascular disease. It began a number of years ago when it was noted that this protein transfers cholesteryl ester in exchange for triglyceride from different lipoproteins specifically, apoB-lipoproteins to HDL lipoproteins."
    ~ Michael Davidson, MD

  • “I have to say my view of CRT is that it probably does make the heart better. Therefore the assumption that sicker patients are going die of progressive heart failure rather than from an arrhythmia can be overcome by having a CRT device in the patient who has significant dyssynchrony or wide QRS.”
    ~ Barry Massie, MD

  • "HF [heart failure] is slightly more common in women—just over half of the HF population—and they certainly have more hypertension than we ever expected."

    W. Frank Peacock, MD

  • "Many clinicians for years have prescribed niacin for people with low HDL ... so we recently had a shock… when AIM-HIGH was stopped because [there was] no evidence of benefit."
    ~ Daniel Rader, MD