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Heard at the Roundtable

  • "I don’t believe that a good guideline should be hidebound by unduly restrictive ‘evidence rules’ that ignore all but a tiny fraction of the available scientific information. A good guideline must synthesize complex data in a clear and concise way and must address the kinds of questions that real doctors need answered every day."

    Joseph L. Izzo, Jr., MD

  • “CPX testing has been a major component of research with heart failure patients and has migrated into the clinical care of heart failure patients.”
    ~ David Whellan, MD

  • “…patients who are device candidates are far and away most interested in receiving a device that will make them feel better rather than live longer…”
    ~ Jonathan Steinberg, MD

  • "Currently there are thousands of practices and millions of patients being served by medical homes across the country, and it is incumbent upon us to understand where this model has come from, and where it is going."
    ~Asaf Bitton

  • "I recommend to people who want to take home BPs, do it with a protocol. They take their BP twice a day for two weeks and that’s recently been shown to be all you really need."
    ~ Henry Black, MD