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Heard at the Roundtable

  • “I really feel conceptually, and, I guess, philosophically, that ablation can have major favorable effects on peoples’ lives, even in addition to symptom control.”
    ~ David Callans, MD

  • “…patients who are device candidates are far and away most interested in receiving a device that will make them feel better rather than live longer…”
    ~ Jonathan Steinberg, MD

  • "[There] is a group of migraineurs who have increased frequency and some change in quality. The treatment effects are perhaps important for them…Does analgesic use drive or follow the problem?"

    Peter Goadsby

  • "The [recently published new] guidelines incorporate other risk factors that can further identify those at intermediate risk—patients who would benefit from oral anticoagulation instead of aspirin."
    ~ Annabelle Volgman, MD

  • "Cholesteryl ester transfer protein has been an important target for the management of risk for cardiovascular disease. It began a number of years ago when it was noted that this protein transfers cholesteryl ester in exchange for triglyceride from different lipoproteins specifically, apoB-lipoproteins to HDL lipoproteins."
    ~ Michael Davidson, MD