About FoxP2 Media LLC

FOXP2 is part of the "forkhead box" family of DNA that is implicated in the development of language and communication skills.

By focusing on publishing only expert opinion in roundtable format, FoxP2 Media believes this new class of medical titles speaks a language complementary to traditional evidence-basd medical journals, tabloids and newsfeeds.  The Medical Roundtable is a forum for experts to express their interpretations and experience within an evidence-based practice.

Readers of The Medical Roundtable will experience direct access to authoritative, peer-reviewed discussions by experts that:

  • discuss impending guidelines
  • clarify areas of confusion
  • distill complex areas

The Mission of FoxP2 is to publish the opinions, thoughts, criticisms and debate among expert physicians about timely and provocative topics. Our Mission is based upon the belief and research that most physicians learn most effectively from the insight and experience of their colleagues and our Readership Survey and independent research confirms this hypothesis.  The roundtable content is intended to reach out to a wide audience of healthcare professionals.

Now the experts have a forum dedicated to sharing their thoughts and readers of The Medical Roundtable can enter and listen while expert physicians discuss controversial topics.

We are adding experience to the evidence.

T Anthony Howell


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The Publisher and Creator of The Medical Roundtable is T. Anthony Howell.

Mr. Howell was a Publisher at Wiley-Blackwell and President and CEO of Le Jacq Ltd - original publishers of the following Index Medicus Journals:

  • The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, Marvin Moser, MD
  • Preventive Cardiology, Ezra Amsterdam, MD
  • Congestive Heart Failure, Marc Silver, MD
  • American Journal of Geriatric Cardiology, Nanette Wenger, MD
  • Journal of CardioMetabolic Syndrome, James Sowers, MD
  • American Heart Hospital Journal, Sylvan Weinberg, MD


FOXP2 MEDIA LLC is a Connecticut limited liability company which is not associated with Rupert Murdoch, Fox Media, News Corporation, Fox Studios or any other affliate or company in the Fox Media Group. FOXP2 MEDIA LLC is independently and privately owned and operated.