Cardiovascular Disease and Aging


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  • Summary:

    Dr. Andrew Duxbury from the University of Alabama at Birmingham moderated the topic "Cardiovascular Disease and Aging" with Drs. Jerome L. Fleg from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Marian Limacher from the University of Florida, and Michael W. Rich from Washington University-St. Louis participating.

    The discussion focused primarily on:
    (1) increase in aging population and the expectation of increased incidence of cardiovascular disease,
    (2) worldwide increase in obesity,
    (3) the roles of cardiologists and primary care physicians in treating increasing numbers of patients,
    (4) forecasting the use of technology in treating the elderly population,
    (5) primary prevention of cardiovascular disease including legislative changes in the food industry,
    (6) pharmaceutical advances and consideration of polypharmacy incurred by elderly and heart failure patients,
    (7) the unabated epidemic of diastolic heart ailure,
    (8) guideline modifications for the elderly, including use of ICDs,
    (9) some lack of an evidence base for clear treatment of the elderly and the need for trials specifically for the aging population, and
    (10) proposed changes to the health care system.
    (Med Roundtable Cardiovasc Ed. 2011;2(2):99-106) ©2011 FoxP2 Media, LLC

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