Comorbid Conditions Caused by Sleeping Disorders


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  • Summary:

    Dr. David Neubauer from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine moderated the topic "Comorbid Conditions Caused by Sleeping Disorders" with Drs. James Pagel from the University of Colorado Medical Center, and Phyllis Zee from Northwestern University Institute for Neuroscience, Chicago, IL.

    The discussion focused primarily on:

    1. Sleep disorders and associated comorbidities;
    2. sleep deprivation and its impact on overall health;
    3. sleep disorders and increased risks for obesity, immunological disorders, and mood disorders;
    4. sleep loss and obesity;
    5. circadian rhythm disorders and impact on sleep disorders particularly in teenagers and adolescents;
    6. biological phase delays and the impact of light exposure late in the evening;
    7. chronic sleep loss due to phase-advanced circadian rhythms in older individuals;
    8. the effect of shift work on sleep disorders;
    9. insomnia, sleep apnea, and associated comorbidities;
    10. obstructive sleep apnea and its impact on other health conditions; and
    11. diagnostic tools for identifying sleep disorders.

    Med Roundtable Gen Med Ed. 2014;1(3):222–229.

  • Compounds:
    • Nurses’ Health Study, Sleep Heart Health Study

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