Familial Hypercholesterolemia


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    Citation: Published online ahead of print.
  • Summary:

    Dr. James Underberg from the New York University School of Medicine moderated the topic "Familial Hypercholesterolemia" with Drs. Eliot Brinton from the Utah Foundation for Biomedical Research, Mary McGowan from the FH Foundation, and Patrick Moriarty from the University of Kansas Medical Center, participating.

    The discussion focused primarily on:

    1. General characteristics and incidence of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH);
    2. the importance of identifying patients with FH and beginning treatment early;
    3. the etiology of FH;
    4. criteria used for diagnosing FH;
    5. benefits and drawbacks of genetic testing;
    6. the importance of cascade screening;
    7. resources for patients and clinicians to increase knowledge and awareness of FH;
    8. current pharmacological therapies for FH patients;
    9. accessibility and effectiveness of lipid apheresis therapy;
    10. symptoms of elevated lipoprotein(a); and
    11. new drugs for treating elevated lipoprotein(a) and FH including their mechanisms of action and side effects.

    (Med Roundtable Cardiovasc Ed. 2014;4(1):e8–e17) ©2014 FoxP2Media, LLC

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