Osteoarthritis: Coping Guidelines for the Elderly


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  • Summary:

    Dr. Eric Gall from the University of Arizona Arthritis Center moderated the topic "Osteoarthritis: Coping Guidelines for the Elderly" with Drs. Joel Block from Rush University Medical Center, and Roland Moskowitz from University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, OH.

    The discussion focused primarily on:

    1. The current woking definition of osteoarthritis (OA);
    2. the burden of the disease in the United States and worldwide;
    3. OA and the presence of pain;
    4. radiographic evidence;
    5. the pathophysiology, onset, and progression;
    6. the manifestations of OA in different areas of the body;
    7. clinical and radiographic diagnosis;
    8. the differentiation of OA from rheumatoid arthritis;
    9. prevention and disease management;
    10. the role of weight loss and exercise;
    11. alternative forms of treatment;
    12. pain management and disease management strategies;
    13. the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and risk management;
    14. the use of intra-articular steroids;
    15. considerations for surgical intervention; and
    16. the use of disease-modifying drugs and cartilage regeneration.

    Med Roundtable Gen Med Ed. 2014;1(4):270–279.

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