Transitions of Care: Heart Failure


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  • Summary:

    Dr. Ileana Piña from Case Western Reserve University moderated the topic "Transitions of Care: Heart Failure" with Drs. John Rumsfeld from the Denver VA Medical Center, Rebecca Boxer from the University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Mary Norine Walsh from St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana, and Sarah Goodlin from Patient-Centered Education and Research and the Portland Oregon VA Medical Center participating.

    The discussion focused primarily on:
    (1) safe and appropriate transition of the in patient to the outpatient setting, including skilled nursing facilities,
    (2) cost impact on Medicare of re-hospitalizations,
    (3) rehospitalization rate as a metric,
    (4) the American College of Cardiology's H2H quality initiative and its three basic cores,
    (5) methods to decrease rehospitalization, including patient education and post-discharge follow-up,
    (6) end-of-life measures, including educating hospice nurses and management of devices,
    (7) systems used in integrated healthcare systems, and
    (8) patient-centered medical home model of care.
    (Med Roundtable Cardiovasc Ed. 2010;1(4):221-226) ©2010 FoxP2 Media, LLC
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