Type A Dissections and Ascending Aortic Aneurysms


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  • Summary:

    Dr. Abe DeAnda from the New York University School of Medicine moderated the topic "Type A Dissections and Ascending Aortic Aneurysms" with Drs. John Ikonomidis from the Medical University of South Carolina and John Elefteriades from the Yale University School of Medicine participating.

    The discussion focused primarily on:
    (1) aggressive targeting of low-density lipoprotein in high-risk patients;
    (2) the challenges of moving patients to an LDL cholesterol level <70 mg/dL, even with combination statin therapy;
    (3) the effect of results from recent trials such as AIM-HIGH and the recent warning on high-dose simvastatin on clinical practice;
    (4) the ideal LDL level in high-risk patients for primary or secondary prevention;
    (5) managing cholesterol levels in high-risk patients who cannot tolerate high-dose statins;
    (6) the potential impact of generic atorvastatin;
    (7) the role of risk scores such as Framingham on LDL goal for primary prevention;
    (8) the role of coronary calcium scores, hsCRP, and Lp(a) levels on management approaches;
    (9) the importance of non-HDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol on risk and the implications for treatment; and
    (10) the impact of aggressive lifestyle approaches on raising HDL levels.
    (Med Roundtable Cardiovasc Ed. 2011;2(3):167-174) ©2011 FoxP2 Media, LLC
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