Meet the Experts at The Medical Roundtable

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the experts who have volunteered their valuable time and invaluable expressions of their experience.

Roundtable Experts
Paul Glasziou
Bond University
Matthew Goetz
Alice Gosfield
Alice G. Gosfield and Associates, P.C.
Robert Harrington
Winfried Häuser
Technische Universität München
Joseph L. Izzo, Jr., MD
U Buffalo/Erie County Medical Center
Lisa K. Jennings, PhD
Department of Internal Medicine, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center; CirQuest Labs
Hollis King
U Wisconsin
Neal S. Kleiman, MD
Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Ctr, The Houston Methodist Hosp
Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH
Oregon Health and Science University
Michael Kurisu
Pamela R. Kushner, MD
UC Irvine Med Ctr
Anthony Lembo, MD
Harvard Medical School
Jerrold H. Levy, MD
Duke University School of Medicine
Gregory Lewis
Massachusetts General Hospital
Jeffrey Lisse
U Arizona Arthritis Center
Michael Maricic
Catalina Point Rheumatology
Michael McClung
Oregon Osteoporosis Center
Baylor University Medical Center
Mary McGowan
FH Foundation