Meet the Experts at The Medical Roundtable

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the experts who have volunteered their valuable time and invaluable expressions of their experience.

Roundtable Experts
Joshua Hare, MD
U Miami Miller School of Medicine
Robert Harrington
Lucinda Harris, MD
Mayo Clinic
Sabet Hashim, MD
Yale University School of Medicine
Winfried Häuser
Technische Universität München
Robert Hauser, MD
Abbot Northwestern Hospital
Robert Hegele, MD
University of Western Ontario
Joseph Helms, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine
Charles Hennekens, MD, DrPH
Florida Atlantic University
Timothy D. Henry, MD
Cedars-Sinai Med Ctr
L. David Hillis, MD
U of Texas Health Science Center
Mark Hlatky, MD
Stanford University
Richard Hoffman, MD, MPH
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Randy Horwitz, PhD, MD
University of Arizona
Willa Hsueh, MD
The Methodist Hospital
John Hummel, MD
Ohio State University
Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School
John Ikonomidis, MD
Medical University of South Carolina
Joseph L. Izzo, Jr., MD
U Buffalo/Erie County Medical Center
Allan Jaffe, MD
Mayo Clinic