Harry Greene II

  • Harry Greene II, MD
    Harry L. Greene II, MD

    Primary Care Physician


    Harry L. Greene, II. 'MOINE', 'Mo' was born May 24th, 1942 in Hannibal, Missouri.  His father was a physician and his mother a nurse and amateur artist.  Greene followed in his father's footsteps becoming a physician and academic researcher and teacher. He spent thirty four years learning, practicing and teaching medicine, first as a cancer specialist (Sydney Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School), then in Primary Care and Preventive Medicine (Univ. of Massachusetts, Stanford University, University of Arizona and Harvard) and for the final seven years of his life in medicine as Chief Executive (staff) Officer of the Massachusetts Medical Society, a group of 17,000 doctors and the publisher of The New England Journal of Medicine. Greene has edited or co-edited 7 textbooks on medicine, two of which have been translated into multiple languages and one, under a grant from the Gates foundation, into Russian for use by primary care doctors in Russia. His most recent book, Decision Making in Medicine, 3rd Edition was published in Jan. 2010.